Company profiles
Create a comprehensive company profile for your advertisers, or allow them to create it themselves.
Employee profiles
Show the people behind the brand - use the évoSuite templates to create employee profiles with images, text, links and video.
Help job seekers and companies find their perfect match. Create, manage and publish your advertisers' jobs, capture applicant information and assign applications to contacts.
With comprehensive reports at your fingertips, you can easily see how successful your ads have been and use that information to refine and improve future recruitment campaigns
Manage applications from one place, avoid overloading your inbox with application emails and save time by sending an automated response to unsuccessful candidates.
Advanced functionality
Interface with other modules like Project Management to assign a job interview to a staff member and have it automatically added into that staff member's calendar.
Use your évoOutlook to analyse the type of applications you're receiving to ensure your ad is sending the right message to the right people.        
Sync job applicants' details from your évoSuite software to your Outlook contacts and then to your smartphone so you've got applicants' details when you're on the go.     
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